Alarm transmitting equipment
We offer all security alarm transmitting equipment via GSM, radio or Ethernet channels.
Our communicators can be connected to other manufacturers' security panels directly via data bus.
Control Panels

UAB Trikdis GSM control panels are perfectly suitable for most installed security systems.
Control panels that are easy to use, have optimal design and wide functionality.
Trikdis Software
Software we created for alarm receiving centers and equipment configuration.
UAB Trikdis software manages, controls and graphically displays alarm messages sent by our equipment.
We offer reliable software and hardware for security companies
Development, production and support of security systems since 1996

Faster GPRS Installation

ATM Protection

Change from PSTN to GSM

Growing Security Firm

Welcome to Trikdis

UAB Trikdis was established in 1996 as a joint initiative of scientists from Kaunas University of Technology and one of the biggest Lithuanian security company “Jungtis”.  Our goal is to develop reliable, innovative and safe alarm transferring, receiving and monitoring systems. We are closely working together with professional security companies to further advance the usability and functionality of our products.


Our technologies and successful projects
Advanced technologies and expertise in security companies’ operation
We work to provide solutions for challenges your company faces

Not only we manufacture security systems' equipment and software to control it, but we also help security companies to ensure and optimize protected objects' monitoring by applying reliable alarm messages transmission, reception and administration solutions. Get familiar with our latest projects:


All UAB Trikdis products correspond with European Union quality requirements and are marked with CE certificate of conformity.

Technical Support
Consultations and technical support
For existing and future UAB Trikdis customers
Most Popular
IP receiver RL10
IP receiver RL10
Hardware IP receiver with installed IPcom Linux software. RL10 has an integrated industrial computer, which guarantees constant and long-term operation of alarm monitoring station’s IP receiver.
GSM communicator G10
GSM communicator G10
GSM communicator compatible with Paradox, DSC, Caddx, Pyronix and other manufacturer control panels, reading messages directly from control panels DATA BUS.
Security module SP131
Security module SP131
8-32 zone and 4 PGM security control panel with integrated GSM communicator.
Transmitter T10/T10U
Transmitter T10/T10U
VHF or UHF radio transmitter compatible with Paradox, DSC, Caddx, Pyronix and other manufacturer control panels, reading messages directly from control panel DATA BUS.